Imagine this…on a very hot day, you are in charge of a get together with friends and family. The food turns out perfectly and you cannot wait for them to arrive at your door. Then you notice your house feels much warmer than usual. So you went to check your room temperature on your thermostat. You realized that your air conditioning system isn’t working. At the same time, you see your friends and family have just pulled in to your driveway.


Imagine that….on a very cold night, you are glad that you are home and that your house is warm and comfortable. While you were sleeping, the temperature outside has dropped drastically as it started to snow. Your furnace system couldn’t keep running at your desirable temperature and it suddenly stopped running. When you wake up in the morning, you find yourself in a freezing home.

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Benefits of an Annual HVAC System Maintenance

  • Lowers your energy bills
  • Prevents costly repairs
  • Extends the life of your system
  • Maintains your manufacturer’s warranty
  • Improves the safety of your system
  • Peace of mind for you and your family

Hicks Air Maintenance Program

  1. Program is for Our Loyal Customers
  2. Priority Scheduling
  3. No Overtime Charges
  4. 10% Discount on Parts
  5. 10% Discount on Labor

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