Refrigeration Repair and New Installation

Hicks Air is a leader in repair and installation for refrigeration.

Walk-in and reach in freezers hold thousands of dollars of merchandise for many companies.

It is imperative to make sure your freeze is running efficiently to help save costs and consistently to keep temperatures where they need to be.

Our Residential & Commercial Refrigeration System Service includes:

  • Commercial Refrigerator installation & repair
  • Ice Machine installation & repair
  • Reach-In Cooler and Freezer installation & repair
  • Walk-In Cooler and Freezer installation & repair

You Can Depend On Hicks Air

Many companies depend on Hicks Air to service their freezers and ice machines. Proper care and maintenance are extremely important for the freezer’s functionality and longevity. Businesses and restaurants call Hicks Air and so should you. Let us take care of any upkeep or needed repairs so that you can rest assured your merchandise stays at safe cooling levels.

Occurrences that are often found with large freezers include:

  • Lack of power, due to tripped circuit breaker or possibly the control board.
  • Temperature too high, could be from product overloaded in freezer or frost buildup on the evaporator.
  • Motor constantly running, might indicate a possible refrigerant leak or other leak that needs immediate attention.
  • Ice Build-up, ice can build up on the air vent or evaporator coils, make sure you call Hicks Air for service.
  • Ice in the Drain Pan, a defective heater or clog in the drainage could compromise your frozen inventory. You will want to call for service right away.

Depend on the Local Experts

Many restaurants and stores depend on ice machines for the basics of their operations. Do not let any troublesome signs go without repair. Hicks Air can make the repairs for you or install a new one if needed.

Does your Refrigeration system need a repair? Or is it time to replace your Refrigeration system?
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